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Tampa Car Accident LawyersAutomobile accidents happen to be among the major causes of personal injuries and property damage; most of them are minor collisions; however, a severe percentage lead to severe injuries, long-term disability, or mortality.

These traumatic events lead to pain and distress, missed pay, medical bills, property damage, and even mental anguish; however, the victims need not worry. All these can be easily compensated financially if you get the best Tampa Car Accident Lawyers to represent you.

What happens immediately after you are involved in an accident and the days after that significantly impacts your potential to receive compensation for what you have lost. Most people are easily overwhelmed when they try to figure out what to do next, especially those still in agony due to their injuries and worry about those who will pay for their medical bills. Fortunately, if the fault of your accident is as a result of the other party, they will be held responsible for all your expenses. You have to let a Tampa car accident lawyers clarify your legal rights to you and the court and also the choices of compensating your damages.

Florida car accident lawyers clearly understand everything concerning car accidents and compensation, and therefore if you visit Florida law firms, you will get the help you need. This article will enable you to understand everything about car accidents and compensation. Here is all you should know:

What next after a Tampa car crash

Accidents are never planned, and that is why they are called accidents, meaning even the most prepared and keen driver sometimes can be caught off guard and run into another vehicle or a person. Suppose you get involved in an accident and do not get severe injuries in that you are still in your senses. In that case, you are advised to do the following immediately: contact local authorities, take pictures of the accident scene, disclose insurance details to the other party and finally go to a doctor for treatment.

Talk to witnesses

If possible, you should consider speaking to the eyewitnesses there when the accident occurred and even get their contact details. This is important for it will make things easier for your attorney as they can talk to them later regarding what they saw and use the statements to build compensation claims.

Contact your insurance company and Tampa car accident attorney

It is essential to contact your insurance company and tell them about the accident; ensure you tell them the truth so they may not decline your claim later. Moreover, you might need to talk to your lawyer if you have been injured seriously in the accident; it will be better if your lawyers specialize in personal injuries.

How to determine fault in a Tampa car accident

After a car accident, there are various ways that can be used to determine fault; you can use photos and videos you might have taken in the incident, while others prefer using surveillance footage if any was around the area of the accident. Moreover, your injuries and medical records easily enable you to establish liability without forgetting the statements given by witnesses.

Before an insurance company repairs or reimburses you, it first has to find who the fault was in the whole accident. Finding out the party at fault is essential for their insurance company will be held liable, and they will compensate the other person for all the court claims. All insurance companies in Florida take into consideration legal negligence to determine who is at fault.

Some instances quickly show who is at fault and do not require a severe assessment to find out; for example, where a driver breaks a speed limit and collides with other vehicles, here the driver who broke the law is considered negligent and held accountably. It is considered challenging where there are multiple things causing the accident.

If you or your loved ones get involved in an accident, you should not assume that you will not be compensated; consider contacting the Tampa Car Accident Lawyers. They will figure out how they will easily safeguard your life or rights and ensure you get the proper compensation.

Common types of car accidents

The following are the common types of car accidents that generally happen:

Head-on collision

A head-on collision happens when the front end of a car crashes with the front end of another vehicle. These types of accidents make up the smallest percentage of all accidents in the US; causalities are incomparably high. These accidents are dangerous due to the high speed involved. Two cars meeting means that the crash force is amplified due to the forward motion.

Vehicle rollover

This happens when a car flips, falls, and tumbles many times; when this happens, passengers are likely to be thrown out, especially the ones without seat belts. Responding to these incidents might take time, and therefore they mostly lead to severe injuries or even death.

T-Bone car accident

T-Bone collisions occur where a car collides head on to the other car’s side; these are the most dangerous type of accidents to occur. They are felt mainly by the car’s drivers and can result in serious injuries, lifetime disability, or even death.

Multiple vehicle collision

This is another catastrophic traffic disaster; three or more vehicles are involved in a series of events that started with a single automobile. It comes with many negative impacts such as chaos, injuries, or even fatalities.

Sideswipe collision

A sideswipe accident occurs when the side of one car collides with the side of another vehicle, this can happen if a vehicle sways to the wrong lane or when the driver intentionally changes lanes without confirming if there are other cars on the road.

Single car accident

Finally, we have single-car accidents that only involve one car; however, you should know that it is not automatic to blame the driver for this. In most cases, it happens where the driver swerves to avoid hitting something like an animal, and they end up colliding with a tree or a building.

Causes of car accidents

Here are the significant causes of car accidents:


Distraction is among the significant causes of car accidents; however, people think that brains can efficiently multitask, this is a misconception in some incidents. The driver’s brain cannot stay focused on the road while texting, making phone calls, eating, and doing other things. You need total concentration while driving to avoid causing accidents.

Drunk driving

Another common thing that causes car accidents is drunk driving; research shows that at least 29 people die daily due to drunk driving. When you are under alcohol influence, all the skills you need for proper driving are limited. Therefore, a drunk driver cannot track moving objects or even control the steer and brakes.


Reckless driving can be demonstrated in many different ways, such as speeding, weaving, racing, running a red light, failing to yield, among many other different irresponsible driving behaviors. Reckless driving endangers the life of motorists and other automobiles, making it among the top causes of car accidents. It is said that about 40% of accidents occur at intersections, the main reason being running red lights or failure to yield at the stop sign. You should know that saving a few minutes and putting other people’s lives in danger is not a good idea.


To avoid frequent accidents, you need to rest adequately before driving your vehicle; you will quickly notice that drivers who fall asleep cause collisions. Accidents resulting from drowsy drivers mostly lead to death or lifetime disabilities; it doesn’t matter how committed you should be to your work, ensure that you get enough sleep always.


Some drivers become disoriented, or they sometimes miss a turn, which leads to severe accidents; some of the confusion incidents include switching lanes without confirming whether the side you are going to is clear. Another confusion is heading the wrong way on a one-way street road.

Inclement weather and road conditions

Snowy, wet, and icy roads cause cars to skid off the road and collide with structures or other vehicles. Other weather conditions that can cause accidents include fog, water levels, and wind speed. Moreover, poorly maintained roads increase the chances of a tire bursting, making it challenging for the driver to brake effectively.

Vehicle problems

For a car to work effectively, it must use the many parts it is made of; however, where one of the parts becomes faulty, it increases the chances of the car failure while on the rod, which is dangerous.

Injuries resulting from car accidents

Research and studies show that car accidents are leading in causing body injuries; at least 2.6 million injuries occur every year from car accidents. Additional damages arise from car accidents, and they can be minor scratches, fractured bones, devastating injuries to the brain and spine. The following are some of the common injuries people get from car accidents:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Accidents commonly cause this condition; there is a blow to the head puncturing the skull and leading to brain damage. About 50,000 people die each year from Traumatic Brain Injuries, while another 80 000 to 90,000 become permanently disabled, and they are forced to live with the condition.

Spinal cord injuries or paralysis

These injuries are likely to permanently disable the victim due to the force and collision impact. People can suffer from partial or complete paralysis due to spinal cord trauma.

Back injuries

Back injuries happen because the spine cannot withstand the force of collisions; however, they do not manifest immediately. They might take a little longer after the accident before you start feeling them. If the injury is significant, you might experience long-term pain or impairment.


This can occur if a fire breaks out after a car collision or when the skin comes into contact with heated surfaces, chemicals, or air. Remember that if you suffer severe burns, you might need surgery or a skin graft.

Internal Injuries

Internal organ injuries occur when the body collides with other external objects or is struck by flying objects. Internal bleeding that might result from the accident requires immediate attention to avoid further problems.

Fractures and broken bones

Most car accidents lead to broken legs, ribs, arms, or even fingers; these can range from minor fractures that do not need serious medical attention to those that might need surgery.

Amputated limbs

In extreme car collisions, legs might be crashed or even be chopped off by sharp objects; the affected limb may be amputated during medication if it is too injured to rehabilitate.

Neck injuries or whiplash

Whiplash is the common term used to refer to injuries on neck muscles, ligaments, or tendons occurring due to car collisions. If a car collision happens and you are not wearing a seat belt, you will likely get a severe whiplash or cervical dislocations.

Lacerations and abrasions

Lacerations are caused by shattered glasses, flying debris, or flying metal sheets, while abrasions are caused by friction from skidding on asphalt or concrete.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is commonly known as PTSD; you should know that car accident not only cause physical pain they also affect the mental and emotional system of a person. You might even be scared of cars and can’t do things like you used to do before.

Contact our Tampa auto accident lawyers

The effects of car collisions can be severe and even leave you paralyzed forever; therefore, you are advised to contact Tampa Car Accident Lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve. The Law Offices of Pardy & Rodriguez, P.A. firm perfectly examines the evidence before making any step, and you can be sure that you are getting what is yours.

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