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Helping You Win A Fleet Driver Case

Businesses or government agencies own large fleets of vehicles, and have money and lots of experience defending their negligent drivers. A Fleet driver that causes an accident is usually an accident they could have prevented. Let us fight for you and your loved ones to get your peace of mind back. You are not alone. We are here for you.

The annual accident rate for fleet drivers is 20%, and pharmaceutical companies have an even higher rate!. Many fleet drivers are multitasking, instead of just focusing on their driving. Their inattention could be the reason for their accident with you.

Our experienced accident attorneys will immediately begin investigating the details of your accident with a fleet driver. We work hard for you, but we also understand how difficult this time of your life can be. A fleet driver case needs special attention to detail, and with our courtroom experience, we know exactly how to help you and your family recover.

What is a fleet driver?

Any company or government agency that owns vehicles for their employees has a “fleet” of vehicles. Some examples are car rental companies, public utility trucks, public bus, taxi cabs, leased company vehicles, or even police vehicles. Fleet drivers don’t pay for their own insurance, the company does.

Fleet drivers often drive long distances or long hours for their company. Drivers usually receive specialized safety training. In an accident involving a fleet driver and vehicle, you must have a very experienced fleet lawyer helping you.

What should you do as a fleet driver victim?

Once the police arrive, they will have questions about your accident with the fleet driver. Be honest. It is okay to say you don’t know something! It is much better to go back and give more information later than to give incorrect information to start with.

Start a notebook. Write down dates, events, and anything that happens to you. You will thank yourself later!

Contact us as soon as you can. Our talented team of attorneys will want to start working on your case immediately. If your insurance company calls you, please do not give them a statement until you have spoken to our team. We are here to help YOU!

Proving Your Case

You might worry about how you will prove a fleet driver was at fault in an accident. In cases like this, you should contact a Florida fleet driver attorney like us at Pardy and Rodriguez. We have multiple offices across the state and will work with you and your schedule. We understand that you’re worried about your future and we will do everything we can to get you back on track.

Bonus Fact:

The Orange County Florida government has over 2,200 fleet vehicles. After starting a safety training course and cameras in their vehicles, they reduced collisions by 74%.

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