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Top Car Accident Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Case

woman committing mistakes after a car accident in Orlando

Car accidents have a lot to handle. They typically come with physical agony, damage of the vehicles, and result in general discomfort. If you get involved in an accident, maybe you wish to go on and forget about it. But before you leave the area, it is essential to talk to other drivers and obtain as much evidence as possible about the events. If you fail to do so, the claims process may be complicated or may not work for you. The article below will discuss some of the common mistakes that have been experienced for many years. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to receive compensation you deserve to cover for your injuries and damages in the event of a car accident.

1. Failing to Call the Police

You’re not usually required to call the police after an accident. However, it’s always a good idea to call the police, especially if you estimate the damage to be over $1000, injuries or something else has been damaged. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

After contacting the police, they can only tell you to share information with the other driver. This is typical in benders and other incidents with minor damage. However, the police can collect necessary evidence and point to the cause of the accident, which is essential when filing your insurance claim.

2. Waiting Too Long To File Your Claim

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim in Florida, there is a statute of limitations on how long you can submit it. You must file your claim within four years of the accident assuming you want to obtain compensation from the accident. If you wait for more than four years, the courts will probably not even examine your case.

In addition to immediately filing your claim, you may wish to file a PIP (personal injury protection) claim with your insurance company. Although there is no legislation stating how long you must file a Florida car accident insurance claim, certain insurance companies have their schedules that require you to fulfill specific deadlines.

3. Failure to Seek Immediate Assistance

After being involved in an accident and sustained injuries, it is recommended to obtain medical assistance as soon as possible. This can be in the form of medical help, rescue personnel, the police, legal help, and any other form of help. The shock and confusion associated with car accidents can mask your clear-headed thinking. Even in the accident, you feel like you are perfectly okay; something might be wrong.

Therefore, be sure to call for help. The healthcare professionals and emergency responders can help document the specific sustained injuries and your general health status. Meanwhile, the police officers will help document the entire car accident scene details and help you to figure out the party responsible for the incident. Finally, your car accident lawyer will need these details to build your lawsuit. 

4. Leaving the Accident Scene Too Soon

Even if you have a police report, it’s typically essential to take your notes following an accident. So, if you intend to submit an insurance claim, you have your notes and images to reference. This can help you keep your account consistent whether you speak to an insurance adjuster or if you plan to pursue legal action. In addition, before leaving the scene, you should try to acquire contact and insurance information from the other driver, notes on the location of the accident, as well as images of the damage to your car.

5. Giving the Adjusters Too Much Information After the Accident

Don’t give out a documented declaration. You may be under the effects of the doctor’s prescription medicines. You may also have a lot of pain. You will be used against any statements you make. Don’t speak to the adjuster. Receive their name, telephone, and claim number and tell them not to call you again. Instead, have them call your lawyer for information regarding your injury.  Give your lawyer the information.

6. Admitting Fault

Despite how you feel about it, it’s not wise to admit fault after an accident. Suppose you suspect you were in the wrong; you don’t essentially understand all the facts. For instance, you might be having a call, but the other driver could have run a stop sign or failed to yield. This doesn’t make you right but still doesn’t put you at fault either. Besides, you shouldn’t apologize at the scene of a car accident as it admits fault.

7. Not Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

This is one of the common mistakes made by accident victims. Personal injury law is more complex and more comprehensive than most people realize. You, therefore, need an expert who knows precisely the rules applicable in your lawsuits and other rules that must be complied with when applying for personal injury claims in Florida.

Remember, your case may be affected by tiny mistakes. The accused insurer and lawyer will also try to identify different elements to deny your claim. To prevent making such mistakes, you should engage with an experienced accident lawyer who handles situations similar to yours and who is not hesitant to take the proper steps to earn you the amount of compensation you deserve.

8. Failing to Notify Your Insurer

You are required to file your personal injury claim with the insurance company as soon as possible after the car accident. However, there are stringent deadlines on how long your expenses must be compensated, and the insurer can use your delayed notification to discount your claim.

9. Trusting an Insurance Company Representative

 While you’re dealing with your insurance company, you should never assume you’re on the same side. Even a pleasant representative works for the company; not you. So don’t sign documents, make a recorded statement, or communicate with your insurance company anyway without first consulting your lawyer.

10. Failing to Keep Your Case Details Private

One of the most typical mistakes made by accident victims is to share case details with family, friends, and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s helpful to talk to a close friend or family about some elements but keep in mind that these people could be asked to testify before the court.

Any electronic, recorded, or oral account of your accident, recovery, and injury accounts may be acceptable. Thus, it is crucial that you do not reveal the contents of your case to others. If you do not know what to answer when the accused’s lawyer asks a question, let your personal injury lawyer do this.

You can avoid all these mistakes by contacting an Orlando attorney immediately after an accident has taken place.

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