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The Unique Challenges of Investigating and Litigating Bus Accidents


Bus accidents demand a special kind of investigatory process. After they happen, it is essential to take fast action to find the best outcome possible for all involved. Given the nature of the vehicle, there are bound to be lots of affected parties. The size of the vehicle, occupancy rate, and time of day all play a part, but there are so many other factors at play that make the investigation and litigation stage more complicated than in other cases. Everyone from the police force to a legal team will strive for the truth, so how do they overcome the intricate challenges?

Naming the Victims

If a bus was traveling during rush hour on a peak route, there could be up to 80 people involved just from inside the vehicle. If the bus collides with pedestrians or another vehicle, or even vehicles, the number keeps on rising. Naming the victims is one challenge that needs handling as soon as possible. People are likely to come forward, but it is a long list to keep track of. These witnesses/victims are important for securing key accounts of the accident in question, and all of this information has to be corroborated in order to ascertain the facts from the fiction.

Number of Potential Liable Parties

There are many places to look when it comes to assigning blame for a bus collision or accident. The first investigation should concern the driver. Were they tired or incapacitated, for instance drunk, at the wheel? Were they distracted by a cell phone or a ruckus on the bus? There are lots of reasons why people get distracted behind the wheel, and there will likely be a lot of evidence to support any of these theories. Aside from the driver, law enforcement, claims adjusters,and attorneys will also research the passengers, other drivers on the road, and any pedestrians that may have caused a disruption too. With all these potentially liable parties, finding out who exactly is to blame may take longer than usual.

The Evidence Pot

A number of evidence pieces need to be collected after this kind of event. Aside from the usual CCTV footage of the area, witness statements, and police reports, there are additional factors too. Firstly, the Electronic Logging Device from the vehicle which keeps a record of the driver’s hours on the road will be thoroughly investigated. The other major piece of evidence is the black box or the Electronic Control Module, which has all the engine and technical information from the time of the accident. These things are useful for figuring out if anything was amiss, but can’t be used to completely assign blame as there are so many other considerations on the table. All of the other background information about the driver will factor in too from the length of theirlicense to the extent of their training.

So, figuring out who is to blame is a complicated labyrinth with many tunnels and caverns. The process of investigation and then litigation is infused with doubt, witness management, and plenty of external factors as well. It can take a while, but with experts on the case, anything is possible. Don’t hesitate to seek representation if you’re a victim in need of support.

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