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FedEx Truck Accidents in Florida: Are You a Victim?

FedEx truck accidents Florida

FedEx truck accidents in Florida aren’t an infrequent occurrence, and often result in deaths and loss of property. There are times when FedEx truck drivers are under pressure to deliver products in the shortest time possible, and the rush sometimes results in crashes on the road.

Here is everything you should know about FedEx accidents in Florida:

Types of FedEx trucks

The FedEx trucks and services chosen are determined by the type and amount of shipped items. The most prevalent vehicle types observed on highways and city streets are straight trucks, truck tractors, trailers, and vans. Federal express drivers transport a variety of everyday freight items in addition to shipments and letters:

  • Goods for the household
  • Materials for building projects
  • Refrigerated objects and machinery
  • Agricultural products

This is only an example of the types of products that FedEx drivers transport. Losing the shipment is a severe concern regardless of the kind of FedEx trucks involved in an accident collision. In the event of a collision, there is no time to respond and no space to flee in most cases.

Causes of FedEx accidents

Many people associate truck accidents with 18-wheelers, but smaller trucks can also put accident victims in danger. The weight of the cargo carried by parcel delivery vans often translates into increased force on other vehicles in the event of accidents.

Delivery drivers are constantly under pressure to fulfill deadlines, and they frequently travel long distances over long periods. These personnel are routinely told that staying on schedule is more important than driving safely.

As a result, freight drivers may be responsible for an accident if they:

  • Are driving too swiftly for road or bad weather conditions.
  • Fail to spot other vehicles in a blind spot.
  • Are inexperienced or unskilled to operate these trucks safely
  • Pass other trucks or change lanes when it’s inappropriate to do so.
  • While driving, they are distracted by navigation systems, texting, or eating.
  • At a junction, they fail to yield the right-of-way.
  • Due to tiredness, they are unable to focus on driving safely.

A Federal Express freight accident can be deadly since huge trucks are so heavy. Not only can a collision result in the total loss of your vehicle, but it can also result in injuries that are far more serious than the usual car accident.

Types of injuries caused by these accidents

While merging, exceeding the speed limit at an intersection, or rear-ending another vehicle, delivery drivers may cause accidents. Distracted truck drivers can hit parked cars, run other vehicles off the road, or collide head-on with other vehicles. The following are some of the common injuries that occur as a result of these collisions:

  • Neck and spinal injuries can leave you with permanent repercussions ranging from throbbing pain to movement problems and paralysis.
  • Bone fractures or breaks. While a fractured bone typically results in a slow and painful healing period, certain fractures can cause mobility limitations for the rest of one’s life.
  • Head injuries are hazardous because they can result in brain injuries, which can leave the individual suffering psychological issues, mental brain death, and movement problems.
  • Internal bleeding or damage caused by blunt force trauma.
  • Puncture wounds, scratches, burns, and bruises are all common injuries.
  • Periods of despair, persistent worry, absence of life and happiness, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all emotional problems (PTSD.)

These are just a handful of the more severe injuries that can occur in a FedEx truck collision. An event like this can happen in a split second, but the consequences can last a lifetime.

After the accident

Contact a lawyer as soon as you can. If you want compensation for your losses, you should look for a lawyer right away. After getting medical help, you should visit a law firm for a free case examination. The statute of limitations for filing your complaint may have run out, leaving you with no legal recourse.

For victims of FedEx truck accidents, there is usually no upfront cost or retainer.  If you were a victim of an irresponsible FedEx truck driver, don’t let the fear of legal bills keep you from seeking justice for your damage or loss. All you need to do is to contact a professional and experienced truck accident lawyer to handle your case.

If you’re looking for such a lawyer, you can partner with us at The Law Offices of Pardy & Rodriguez, P.A. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience fighting for injury victims in Florida. Our vast experience in handling injury helps us to meet the legal needs of all our clients. If you need more information, or help, please contact us today.

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