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Three Things You Should NOT Do After a Hit and Run Accident

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auto accident injury attorneyAccording to a highly respected auto accident injury attorney Tampa FL has to offer there are three things you should NOT do after a hit and run accident and a few things you should do. An auto accident injury attorney is the expert you can count on for information about hit and run accidents, and other vehicle accidents.

A local auto accident injury lawyer can help even after a hit and run. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if there has been a hit and run there is no recourse. The fact is you may be able to get help from a car accident injury attorney.

Hit and Run Accidents

There are different types of hit and run accidents. In some cases, you witness the accident and the other driver blatantly flees the scene. In other cases, the driver pulls over and hands you false information. In still yet another scenario you are parked somewhere, and when you return to your vehicle, it is damaged.

In all cases of hit and run, the law has been broken. It is illegal to leave the scene of an auto accident. It can be very frustrating to be involved in this type of accident, however, there are three things that you never want to do no matter the level of frustration.

What NOT to Do After a Hit and Run

There are three things you should never do after a hit and run incident:

    • Chase down the driver or try to capture them
    • Do not leave the scene of the accident
    • Do not leave without calling the police

Chasing down the driver can quickly escalate into something much worse. You should never chase the driver or try to apprehend them. Stay put.

You should stay on the scene until the police arrive. The police will take your statement and prepare a report.

Make Sure You Call The Police

It can be tempting to just get in the car and not call the police but you should call. You will need a police report to file with your insurance company. You should always call the police when there is a car accident.

Having the police on the scene can also help to keep false information from being presented. It is important that you get authorities involved from the onset.

What Should You Do After a Hit and Run

Every auto accident injury attorney will tell you the same thing after a hit and run you should call the police, you should call your insurance agent, you should see if there are any witnesses nearby to the event. Get the name and phone number of anyone that has seen the accident, you may need it at a later date.

After you get situated, call a trusted auto accident injury attorney. Getting the help that you need in this situation to protect your rights is very important.

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