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Workplace Injury Claims: More Complicated Than They Seem

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Most people believe that in order to file claim for a workplace injury with help from a local work accident injury attorney, they have to have been injured on the premises of their job. But on the contrary, you may have grounds for a claim without even realizing it. You may be entitled to filing a workplace injury claim if you were injured while carrying out your work duties — even if you were not on the premises at the time. The best place to determine whether or not you have a work-related injury claim is to contact a work accident injury attorney Orlando FL clients trust.

Some Scenarios and Workplace Injuries

In some cases, a work accident injury lawyer may be able to prove your workplace injury claim without much resistance. For example, if you were injured on the job carrying out your job duties and on the job site, the burden of proof will typically lie in showing that negligence played a role in your injuries. But assuming that this has been well-documented, your lawyer may not face an uphill battle.

In other cases, being hurt on the job can be a little harder to prove. If your boss sends you to the bank and you are in a car accident on the way to the bank, the situation may be a bit less black and white. This gets a little harder to navigate because the fault isn’t as clear-cut.

A personal injury lawyer who is experienced as both a work accident injury lawyer and a car accident injury lawyer can help. Other workplace injury scenarios can be just as complicated, so you should never attempt to rectify the situation on your own.

If your job is considered “emergency essential,” for instance, and you are injured during a natural disaster, it might seem like a cut-and-dry case. However, if the injury stems from a heroic act on your part, this can be a tough claim to deal with. A personal injury attorney with experience as a local work accident injury attorney can help you navigate this type of situation.

You May Have a Claim and Not Know It

If you have been injured because of your work duties, you may have a workplace injury claim and not even know it. A work accident injury lawyer can review your case and let you know if you do have a claim. Protect yourself and contact a trusted local work accident injury attorney today.

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