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At Pardy & Rodriguez, our Florida work injury attorneys understand that workplace accidents cause thousands of on the job injuries every year.  A workplace accident is a discrete occurrence in the course of work, which leads to physical or mental harm.

What is a Workplace Accident?

Workplace accidents mean accidents that occur during the course of work or at work. Even if the accident happens off the company’s premises, or if it is in the process of carrying out business tasks it is still considered work related.

A large portion of a person’s life is spent in the workplace and as such it is not uncommon for workers to experience on the job injuries.  Although most injuries incurred on the job are covered by Workers’ Compensation, when the negligence of another causes an injury then a claim of personal injury may need to be filed.  Often payouts by workers’ compensation are small and don’t always cover all the expenses an injured person may have.

Workplace accidents can be complex.  Our attorneys provide legal advice and courtroom representation for  workers and their families in cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.  The most common cases we see and are experts in providing help with are:

  • Construction site accidents – scaffolding fall, collapsed walls and ceilings
  • Factory accidents – repetitive stress injuries, heavy equipment injuries, conveyor belt accidents
  • Industrial accidents – chemical burns, fires, explosions
  • Auto accidents – representing commercial drivers, couriers, fleet drivers
  • Environmental hazards – industrial sites, construction projects, and office buildings

It is especially crucial for injured employees to consider all their options before accepting any compensation from the employer.  By accepting workers compensation from the company, employees forfeit their right to pursue the matter in court.  Workers who are injured on the job have limited time to file a claim, and are therefore encouraged to contact a workplace accident lawyer as soon as possible following an injury.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, please report the incident to your employer immediately.  However, we urge you not to talk with any insurance company representative or to sign any insurance document without first consulting an experienced workplace accident lawyer.  Employers, third parties and their insurance carriers are out to protect themselves from liability.  We are here to protect your rights and safeguard your best interests.

Workers Compensation | On The Job Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Claim vs Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Generally, fault for the accident is not a factor in determining eligibility for worker’s compensation benefits. The worker who has been injured does not have to prove that the accident was the fault of the employer. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, where a plaintiff has to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way, an employee seeking workman’s comp benefits is not required to prove that the employer is at fault or that he or she is not at fault.

When you file for workers compensation, your claim is reviewed in an administrative process. The workers’ compensation system works in many ways like insurance. Generally, employers are required under Florida law to maintain workers comp insurance for their employees. When an employee suffers an injury, such as a back, neck, or knee injury, the workers compensation insurance carrier provides benefits to the worker for lost wages and medical bills.

Many people are uncertain about the process of filing a workers compensation (sometimes called “worker’s comp”) claim. Employees who do not understand the system often worry that their boss will get angry with them and retaliate if they file for workers’ compensation benefits. Our firm can answer your questions.

Workplace Accident Experts

The workplace accident lawyers at Pardy & Rodriguez will immediately begin conducting an extensive investigation investigation of your workplace accident in order to identify each and every third party responsible for your injuries, in addition to consulting with product and accident experts.  Each client’s case is meticulously prepared from the beginning for trial, whether or not the case actually reaches a courtroom.  Call us today to ensure that your rights are protected and to learn about your compensation options.