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5 Common Causes of Red Light Accidents

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The Federal Highway Administration says that about 45% of car accidents occur at road intersections due to drivers running a stop sign or a red light. With millions of vehicles on the road, we need traffic lights to ensure order and keep everyone safe. Any mistakes by a driver can cause a serious accident that leads to injuries or fatalities. When a driver runs a red light and injures you, you should contact an auto accident attorney immediately to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Let’s look at some reasons why red light accidents occur.


Impatient drivers typically do not want to wait for the light to turn yellow, red, then green. Instead, they opt to speed through the intersection, which puts everyone in danger. Typical accidents in such situations include the speeding driver hitting those driving perpendicular to them or cars turning through the intersections.

In some cases, the speeding driver does not have enough distance to stop when they press the brakes, leading them to enter the intersection and stop in it. Other drivers accelerating to go through might also not react in time, leading to an accident.

The types of damages and injuries in these accidents can vary from mild to severe depending on how fast the vehicle was traveling, the type and weight of the vehicle, and the collision angle.

Running a Red Light

Some drivers are not concerned about stopping or “beating the light” and only want to go through the intersection regardless of the light’s color. This happens a lot at night when a driver thinks they are alone on the road, so they do not have to obey the traffic lights or stop where required.

Depending on the state, this could be classified as reckless driving and carries serious penalties. In addition, you can hire a personal injury attorney to seek compensation if you are injured in such accidents.

Distracted Driving

Being distracted when behind the wheel is a common cause of traffic accidents, including red light ones. The driver might be looking elsewhere, using their phone, or doing something not related to driving, causing them not to see that a light has turned red. The people injured in such cases usually have a green light and, thus, the right of way.

Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather, such as heavy rain or snow, can make it harder for a driver to see traffic lights clearly. If they assume the light is green and they are wrong, they could end up causing an accident, and injuries or fatalities.

Faulty Traffic Lights

Sometimes, the driver is not to blame for a red light accident. If the lights are faulty and show drivers on opposing roads a green light, both might think they have a right of way, try to go through an intersection, and end up colliding.

Unfortunately, red light accidents are more common than people think. These accidents can cause injuries and damage, and the severity depends on different factors. If another driver is at fault for such an accident, you can sue for damages, including medical bills, property damage, ongoing medical treatments, and rehabilitation.

Our attorneys at the law offices of attorneys at Pardy & Rodriguez can help you get the best compensation and hold the other party responsible.

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