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5 Reasons Why The Construction Industry Has The Most Fatalities

Construction Industry

Workers in the construction industry spend their time creating the infrastructure we depend on every day and improving existing developments. While some of what they do is safe, construction sites can be very dangerous. Construction workers are exposed to numerous hazards every day, which is why so many organizations report that the construction industry is very dangerous and has the most fatalities.

These dangers and fatalities are also why there are so many lawsuits and financial settlements in the construction industry. Construction workers who get injured while at work due to the actions of others have the right to seek compensation for injuries and damages. You can contact our attorneys if you need help seeking the damages you deserve when injured as a construction worker.

In this article, we look at why the construction industry is so dangerous and the situations that make it so.

Falls Cause Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Falls are one of the top reasons the construction industry has so many fatalities. Construction workers often work at heights ranging from a few feet to hundreds of feet depending on the development and the role they are assigned. Anything that could cause a construction worker working at such a height to lose their balance can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

Common concerns include unsafe portable ladders, improper scaffolding construction, unprotected roof edges, and a lack of harnesses when working at height. Slip and fall accidents are also a serious concern and can also lead to fatalities.

Workers can also fall:

  • Into unprotected manholes
  • Due to debris that causes them to lose balance
  • Due to inclement weather, such as rain and strong winds

Since the leading cause of fatalities is falling from a roof, construction companies must keep their workers safe. Construction companies can prevent workplace accidents by providing personal protective equipment that ensures workers do not reach the ground when they slip off a roof. They should also provide enough training to reduce such incidents. Failure to do this can lead to injuries and fatalities followed by personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Workers Can be Struck By Different Objects At Construction Sites

Numerous objects can fall, roll, fly, or swing at construction sites. Such objects cause struck-by accidents. The severity of these accidents depends on the object’s size, nature, weight, and velocity.

A very common struck-by accident at construction sites is accidents involving heavy vehicles. Sometimes, vehicles roll when not parked correctly, or strike workers if the driver cannot see or hear their colleague(s).

Construction sites sometimes use high-pressure lines and hoses. This equipment can whip around very fast if they break when in operation, causing serious injuries and even fatalities. Other struck-by accidents occur due to:

  • Flying bolts and nuts
  • Falling suspended loads
  • Dropped or falling tools
  • Falling limber, pipes, and scaffolding

Construction companies must train their employees to secure everything they are working with to prevent these types of accidents. They should also train them to be observant and vigilant, so they know where everyone is on the construction. Doing this can prevent struck-by accidents involving vehicles and other machinery.

Construction Sites Present a Significant Risk of Electrocutions

Construction workers work around live wires and strong currents at various stages of their projects all the time. They can also come in contact with electricity as they use different equipment and tools on construction sites.

Workers can also get injured or die if the conductive item they are holding comes into contact with an energized source. For example, a worker might be electrocuted when a ladder they are moving touches a live wire. They can also get electrocuted if they touch bare or damaged wires or use broken extensions and flexible cords.

Electrical hazards can cause different types of construction accidents, including shocks, burns, explosions, and electrocutions, with the latter three being fatal in some circumstances.

The best way to prevent such accidents is to train employees how to gear up before handling hazardous energized sources. Construction workers must also be trained to not touch any electrical wires unless they are an electrician, authorized to do so, or know the wire is not energized.

Lastly, construction businesses should check their equipment regularly and ensure it is properly serviced and repaired.

Crush Injuries are More Common Than Many People Think

These injuries are also known as caught between or caught in accidents. They occur when a construction worker is crushed between two heavy objects or when pulled into a machine. Collapsed scaffolds and cave-ins due to unprotected excavations and trenches can also lead to these accidents.

In rare cases, building materials like cement, steel, and sand can fall on construction workers if not stored properly.

Construction businesses must provide adequate equipment to prevent such accidents. For example, they can provide equipment that prevents cave-ins or ensure all installations are safe before storing materials.

They should provide protective equipment like helmets to minimize the risk of head and traumatic brain injuries that cause fatalities in case of a crush injury. They should also provide adequate training so employees know how to use machinery properly to prevent their clothes from being caught in moving parts.

Workers Can Come Into Contact With Hazardous Materials

Although hazardous materials tend to cause fatalities down the line, exposure to large quantities in a short period can cause acute effects. For example, some materials might seem harmless, but end up causing significant damage to the lungs, brain, kidneys, and liver. One such material is carbon nanotubes, which are becoming very popular in the construction industry.

Providing personal protective equipment and educating workers on the dangers of exposure remain the best ways to prevent these types of injuries and the fatalities they cause.

Any worker injured or anyone whose loved one dies at a construction site has the right to sue for compensation and damages. Our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Pardy & Rodriguez, P.A. can help you sue and get the compensation you deserve. You can talk to our lawyers by visiting our offices at the following locations:

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