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How to Overcome Trauma and Injury After a Car Accident

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After a car accident, there is a lot to process. The mental toll is hard to move past, and there is every chance that you will inevitably suffer with some form of anxiety or even depression, especially if you suffered from severe injuries or lost a loved one. Trauma affects everyone differently, as do injuries, but there are universal methods when it comes to coping that are always worth looking into. Here are some ways to overcome trauma or injury after a car accident, and there is bound to be something that resonates with your situation.

Engage with Your Medical Care

Whether you have a catastrophic injury or a short-term one, engaging with your medical journey will be the most empowering thing you can do. It may feel like the easier option to just switch off and disassociate, but this is not going to protect your mental well-being in the bigger picture. Take the time to get to know what you are facing. Ask questions, do your research, talk to people, and get to know the reality of the situation. This will help you to move forward and find acceptance in your new life post-accident.

Keep a Journal

Some people, especially those facing the consequences of catastrophic injury like a brain trauma or amputation, find it helpful to process their feelings through the use of a daily or weekly journal. By documenting your journey for your eyes only, you can be as honest as you want about how you are feeling without fear of being judged or dismissed. This is often a validating process, and a way to work through the mental backlog of what has happened and why.

Find a Support Group

Finding people who have been through something similar is often useful too. They will be in the best position to truly connect and empathize with recent events. Support groups are designed to be safe spaces where you are able to listen, speak and engage with the impact of your accident. Car accidents have a range of consequences from losing a loved one to facing time off work and financial worry and a whole manner of things in between. There is a lot to work through, and this support will become a solid part of how you heal.

Seek Professional Therapy

This can be done in conjunction with or separately from a support group. Though they are often led by people with therapeutic experience, this is not always the case, and you may desire some one-to-one conversation as well. Therapy is always an arena to work through anything you need to process, and it will be a great space to process any new feelings or negative side effects that you are living through as a direct result of the accident.

Try to Switch Off from News Coverage

Media channels are not always entirely reliable. There may be unhelpful or even harmful speculation that could be extremely triggering for you if you tune in and pay too much attention. However, it is all too easy to become obsessed with the news coverage about your personal journey, despite the potentially harmful implications of doing so. If you feel able to, turn off the social media feed and switch off the news channels and try to engage with a new narrative or positive stories in your life that will help you heal.

Document Everything Important

There will be a lot of things to sort out after the accident. Whether you are the victim, or you are acting on behalf of a lost loved one, staying organized is non-negotiable. There are bills to be paid and receipts to be kept, after all, so find a good system for doing it. The minute you feel overwhelmed and like you have lost control of the process, is the minute your anxiety will take charge. Don’t let that happen and stay actively involved in managing all the affairs, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

Finding Resolution: What Is the Best Course of Action?

It is common after a car accident for the victims to explore the option of bringing a suit against the culpable party to gain some form of compensation. This compensation is useful for covering medical expenses, repair bills, and any salary you may have lost because of a wrongful death or unexpected time off work. There is a lot to be gained here, and at Pardy & Rodriguez, we know how to secure the deal you deserve. Make an appointment with our team and get the ball rolling. We will help you understand what you need to do to bring a suit to life and advise the best course of action.

Why do People Seek Compensation?

Compensation is about a lot more than just getting a check in the mail. This money is often essential to cover the costs in the aftermath of a car accident, yes, but it is also about receiving the recognition and justice that you or your loved one deserves. As we know all too well, the mental tax of suffering through a traumatic incident like a collision is phenomenal. Not only will you be losing income if you are sat at home trying to heal from a life-changing injury, but you will also be trying to constantly recalibrate mentally to this new way of existence. Compensation offers security and a way to move forward.

If you, or someone you care about has been through a car accident recently, then do not delay your claim. The sooner you take action, the faster your resolution can be found. Find our offices at any of the addresses listed below, and do not hesitate to call to chat things through.

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Alternatively, call now for a free consultation on (888) 522-0222.

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