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The Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in the US for Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Driving is an essential part of life all over the world, but it can be stressful and dangerous. Even though accidents can happen anywhere, some roads in the United States are renowned for the number of fatal accidents. Whether you’re living in the US or you’re planning a trip, use extreme caution if you’ll be driving on any of the following eight dangerous roads.

North Carolina – Tail of the Dragon

If you’re a sports car or motorcycle enthusiast, you’ll most likely have heard about the Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina. The road is only 11 miles long, but it has 318 curves, which makes it one of the most dangerous roads to experience.

The death count for this road averages at 1 per year. However, there were 93 accidents reported in 2019. Given the popularity among motorcyclists, these vehicles are involved in the majority of accidents.

Florida – Overseas Highway

This 113-mile stretch of US 1 connects Miami mainland to the Florida Keys. Driving along this road is a truly stunning treat, taking you across a series of overseas bridges, but it’s also one of the most dangerous highways in the US. There are zero safe spaces for cyclists or pedestrians and the roads are strewn with potholes.

Research examining the death toll on Florida’s section of US 1, between 2015 and 2019, discovered 87 deaths. This means the Overseas Highway contributes to the second deadliest stretch of road in the entire country.

Colorado – Pikes Peak Highway

This 19-mile stretch of Colorado highway is ranked among the most dangerous in the country. The Pikes Peak Highway has a road grade rating of 7%, making it one of the steepest in America. Additionally, there are several hairpin turns, making the journey deadly for anyone with their eyes and mind anywhere but the road.

Unfortunately, 224 people died and 6,705 people were injured on the Pikes Peak Highway between 2008 and 2012.

Florida – I-95

Any list of deadly roads in America will include Florida’s I-95. This road runs along the state’s east coast, which is renowned for heavy traffic. The total length comes in at 1,919 miles, placing it among the longest roads in the US. As well as this, the road contains countless turns and curves, which have been known to send motorists flying off the road.

When you combine the road’s design with the humidity, storms, and hurricanes in Florida, it’s a recipe for catastrophic collisions. According to reports compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 1.75 fatal accidents for every mile.

Colorado – Skyline Drive

Colorado features regularly on this list of the most dangerous roads in the US. This time it’s the Skyline Drive, which is a beautiful drive along a single land road with no guardrails. The road stretches for 50 miles between the US Highway 50 and Conon City.

The road is steeped in history going back to the prehistoric era and the views are out of this world. However, you should be ready to go slowly and avoid taking the road at night.

Alaska – Dalton Highway

This 414-mile road connects the Alaska-Canada border and Deadhorse, Alaska. Views on this road differ, with some calling it the “experience of a lifetime” and others dubbing it “the loneliest road in the world”.

The nature of the route means it’s traveled by large trucks that send stones and debris flying all around. Additionally, there are so many steep areas, which make it difficult to traverse during adverse weather conditions. According to statistics, there are around 40 fatal accidents every year.

Virginia – Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkways is known for its picturesque views, but it also ranks among the most dangerous roads in the country. There are steep drop-offs and horrific bends, which can turn this experience into a real nightmare.

Data released by the state of Virginia suggest that there are more than 350 crashes along this parkway, ranging from minor car accidents to catastrophic collisions. If you’re heading out on a road trip along this road, proceed with extreme caution.

Colorado – Interstate 70

Colorado strikes again. This time it’s the transcontinental I-70 that runs from Maryland to Utah. The high altitude of the road and the winding nature of the road make spotting hazards a real challenge. Statistics collected for 2019 suggest that there are 7.21 fatalities per 100 miles every year, which is an alarming figure.

Why Are These Roads So Dangerous?

The roads on this list are typically well-traveled, meaning there are plenty of moving parts capable of causing an accident. As well as having a high traffic count, these roads feature treacherous features including twists and bends, high terrain, high altitude, and a lack of safety features.

Tips for Driving Along These Roads

These roads connect major cities and states, meaning it’s impractical to avoid every single one of them. However, you’re less likely to be involved in an accident if you follow these driving tips:

  1. Check your vehicle before departure: Have your vehicle checked over for any maintenance issues, and have them addressed before heading out.
  2. Update your car insurance: Check the status of your insurance and take out comprehensive cover if possible.
  3. Make a road trip playlist: Changing music is among the top distractions for motorists, so make a playlist before leaving.
  4. Drive defensively: Use extra caution on the road by leaving extra room, braking early, and allowing aggressive motorists to pass.
  5. Pull over when tired: Powering through the final stretch of a road can be tempting but make sure you pull over if you’re feeling tired.

Even when you follow these tips, you can still be involved in an accident on these dangerous American roads. If this happens, stay calm, speak to the police, receive medical attention, and get in touch with our team of expert auto accident attorneys.

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